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All-Ceramic  Restorations

Whilst Zirconia is undoubtedly the most versatile all-ceramic restoration available there are situations where it is not the best solution, either for design consideration, compatibility or cost.  We can offer a number of alternative systems so you are always able to have the right restoration for any situation.

E-max is possibly the best known all-ceramic system on the market.  Crowns and Bridges made with this system offer many of the benefits of Zirconia and can offer aesthetic advantages.  We now only supply E-max CAD because of the superior strength and fit compared to pressed E-max

E-max offers an excellent restoration when strength or span is not a major concern.  Veneers and inlays are especially suited to this system as they are generally stronger than when made using conventional methods and because of the accurate marginal fits luting/cementing gaps are virtually invisible.

We can also offer Empress®, VITA Mark II and VITA TriLuxe as alternative All-Ceramic restoration.  An excellent alternative is 3M™ ESPE™ LAVA™ Ultimate Restorative.  This is a nanoceramic that offers some excellent benefits over conventional All-Ceramic restoration and is ideally suited to bruxist situations.

In certain instances we will use pressable ceramic systems, such as Authentic. They have many similarities with other all-ceramic systems. However, there are enough differences that by also offering pressable we can ensure you get the result you want.

Whatever the requirements we have the solution.


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