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Maurice Hood Dental Laboratory Ltd. is a modern, progressive, full service laboratory with the emphasis on high quality work throughout our range of products. Since 1966 when we first opened we have been supplying quality work to Dental Surgeons in the UK and World Wide.

Our aim is to satisfy you, the customer, by providing the quality and service you deserve, and should expect, wherever in the world you are and whatever you require. To meet this aim we are committed to producing high quality prosthesis and to underpin this commitment we have fully implemented EN ISO 9001:2008, one of only a handful of laboratories in the UK to have obtained this quality standard.  We are also registered, comply with and are audited to DAMAS along with full compliance with the Medical Devices Directive and all of our technicians are registered with the GDC.  These systems, combined with our highly trained staff and use of only quality material, ensure first class results every time.

Whatever You Want!!!

Our range of products is very comprehensive, with various levels of service to meet all requirements. We are as flexible as you require. Although we produce a comprehensive price-list it is only for reference, a starting point to show our basic services.  We can produce virtually anything. Whatever you want!!!

Whatever your requirements are we can accommodate. If you want work done in a certain way or with specific teeth / porcelain we can

Any details you supply through our web forms or by any other means will be kept securely.  The information will be used solely for the purpose of sending you relevant information about our products and services.  No details or information will be passed on to any other company or individual.  If at any time you wish to have your details removed from our database or to unsubscribe from our mailing list please write, telephone or use our Feedback form requesting removal and all of your details will be permanently deleted

We have tried to put together an informative web site that not only gives you an idea of the company, its products and services but is also a source of information.

To achieve this we are constantly looking to expand the features on the site and would welcome any feedback or ideas.  Not only  from our clients but from any one anywhere in the world.


do it with quality, speed and accuracy. All whilst maintaining competitive pricing.

Everything we produce is to the highest standards, backed up by our quality systems, to ensure problem free fitting.  For more information visit or Products page.

Quality, Service & Reliability


   Quality products throughout our range.


   Nothing is too big or too small.


   Work where it should be, when it should be.

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