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Twice® / Copy Dentures

The Twice® Private Copy Denture system enables us to produce an exact copy of almost any denture, including partials and chrome dentures.  The system is flexible enough to even allow some changes to the new denture such as improved fit (with a wash impression taken by a dentist) and changed tooth colour.

Not only does the system allow us to make exact copies, but also the resulting dentures are, in most instances, stronger than the original.  The time required to make the new denture is also drastically reduced, compared to conventional dentures, so a new denture is produced in days not weeks.

As little as only one day in the laboratory is required to produce the denture with the existing denture that is to be copied only being required for about 30 minutes.  With guaranteed same day return of your existing denture, even for postal work, this allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to have a

new set of dentures in days.


Possibly the best thing about the Twice® Private Copy Denture system though is the price, from only £135 per denture!

If you would like more information about our Twice® Copy Dentures please click here or give us a call.

Exact copy

Stronger than conventional dentures

Minimal time

Wash impressions can be taken to improve the fit

Minor changes can be made

Written 3 Year Guarantee


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