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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 is an international quality system for manufacturing companies laid out by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) .  When implemented it is designed to produce quality orientated manufacturing processes with a high emphasis on customer satisfaction thus ensuring a guaranteed high standard of work complete with documentation of all processes along with traceability.


It requires a lot of effort and hard work to implement and therefore is normally only put into place by companies that are dedicated to providing high quality products.  This does not mean that they cannot be competitive as the reduced remakes can make them more cost effective.

AJA Registrars Ltd is one of the companies who independently monitors and carries out surveillance audits of ISO, DAMAS and other quality systems to ensure compliance to the standards.  We have our quality systems audited by them on an annual basis.

If you require further clarification, more in depth information, or would like to view our Quality Control Manual, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

Here we have provided information on what some of the items mentioned on the web site relate to and what some of the associations and bodies that we belong to represent.  Where possible we have included a link to the relevant company web site for further information.  If you would prefer us to provide further information about anything on this page or anywhere on this site please let us know.


General Information

DuraFlex Flexible Restorations Natural Dentures Removable Bridges & Clasps

Using a laboratory that has a quality system such as ISO 9001 and/or DAMAS ensures your patients are safeguarded. With CQC inspections it also safeguards your practice because you know the laboratory is committed to quality and meets all legal requirements.  

By using Maurice Hood Dental Laboratory Ltd. you get the following benefits:

All of this ensures we can offer quality, service, compliance and piece of mind for our customers and their patients.  Guaranteed.



DAMAS is the Dental Laboratories Association's own quality standard.  It is based on cut down version of ISO but with the added function of compliance with the Medical Devices Directive.  The system is audited, again by the likes of AJA Registrars Ltd, on an annual basis thereby ensuring that the laboratory meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive.

This standard, like the full ISO 9001, is not compulsory and relatively few laboratories have implemented the system.  We feel that by complying with this we are guaranteeing our customers against possible legal problems associated with obtaining work from laboratories that do not fully comply with the Medical Devices Directive.

Dental Laboratories Association (DLA)

The DLA is our trade association offering advice and support for dental laboratories along with its role of regulating DAMAS.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

The Medical Devices Directive is legislation passed down from Europe that governs all appliances deemed medical that are produced for human use.  Registration with MHRA is compulsory for all dental laboratories as is compliance with the directive.  If a laboratory fails to comply they can be fined with the possibility of imprisonment. Equally a dentist operating within the EEC must use only a registered laboratory or face similar consequences and the possibility of being struck off.

If you would like to know our MHRA registration number or would like a copy of our registration for your records please let us know.

Straumann Cares System


Zirconia Restorations



We are now proud holders of the ‘British Bite Mark’ making us one of the first laboratories to have been recognised as meeting all the legal requirements to manufacture crowns, bridges, dentures and veneers in the UK and as such are able to carry the ‘British Bite Mark’ logo.  

The ‘British Bite Mark’ is a new campaign launched by the DLA that aims to offer patients the opportunity to find out where their appliances have been made and whether they comply with UK and EU regulations.

At Maurice Hood we are committed to complying with all regulations to ensure peace of mind for our customers and their patients and feel this is an excellent new initiative to help boost patient confidence in their treatment.