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We are a large full service laboratory with a commitment to producing quality prosthesis.  We also have the capacity potentially to offer our services to other laboratories.  Each department works closely with each other which, obviously, brings advantages when producing multi-discipline prosthesis such as Attachment and Implant work.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality whether we are producing a Private full mouth reconstruction or a simple NHS denture.  We expect our work to be right first time, every time.  We also have fully qualified and registered staff as well as being ISO 9001 and DAMAS registered.

When it comes to laboratory to laboratory  work we can provide the usual items such as custom abutments, screw retained frameworks, CAD/CAM metalwork in either chrome or titanium, chrome cobalt frameworks, Zirconia frameworks, processing your flexible dentures, tooth coloured clasps etc.  However, we go further.  We are able to provide almost anything you require.

We operate a delivery / collection service through most of Central England.  For laboratories outside this area we have a large postal / courier section servicing laboratories throughout the UK and even World-wide.

Whatever the reason we may be able to provide whatever help you need.  We generally try to work with the other laboratory and often will only cost up the work after a detailed discussion of what you may be looking for, volume and period.  We are even happy to use your materials, such as teeth, to save you cost.  For more information either give us a call or use our web based enquiry form.

Straumann Cares System


We can provide Lab to Lab CAD/CAM Services Including Custom Abutments, Frameworks in Zirconia, Chrome or Titanium and More!

Removable Bridges & Clasps