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Natural Dentures

We at Maurice Hood have always had a passion for natural restorations and are firm followers of Dr Besford's teachings.  We have followed his Schottlander collaboration over the years and attended the vast majority of his courses.

We now offer our 'Ultimate' denture which follows all of the stages and procedures recommended by Dr Besford.  Where we differ slightly is, knowing not everyone has the technician abilities of Dr Besford, we have included in the fixed price the cost of a technician spending time with the patient and surgeon, either in the surgery or our laboratory, for initial consultations and the setting of the teeth.  Obviously, also included in the fixed price is Enigma teeth, acrylic base plates and ColorTone® gum shading etc.

We also recognise that not everybody wants or needs every aspect of the system.  So to make things more flexible and affordable we have separated out most of the stages so you can choose exactly what you want. If you just require more natural gum colouration or maybe just the technician time at the surgery to ensure the dentures are right you can choose what suits you and your patient.

Having natural dentures that are virtually undetectable in the mouth is not a pipe dream, it should be a priority.

If you would like further information please contact us.


A private denture with ColorTone®.  As can be seen, the denture looks natural and just disappears.

A typical denture, made in standard acrylic which can look obvious in the mouth.

DuraFlex Flexible Restorations