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New Translucent 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Plus Zirconia

The range of materials and restorations we can offer through our Straumann CARES CAD/CAM system has again increased.  One of the new options is a more translucent Zirconia, Lava™ Plus.  The comprehensive Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia system allows natural, warm colours to shine from the inside of dental crowns and dental bridges. It is the only CAD/CAM Zirconia system that matches the VITA® Classical A1-D4 shades, including the bleached shades. It is also the only available Zirconia system that features direct conversion to the most common VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® Shades. If you would like further information please let us know.

New EnigmaLife Teeth

Schottlander have just introduced the stunning new enigmalife teeth.  They have been designed from the ground up to mimic natural teeth whilst introducing some amazing new characteristics and features.  We are one of the early adopters of this new range of teeth and they offer so many benefits over many other Private teeth they are well worth using on your next case.  If you would like further information please let us know.

UltraSuction Dentures

We can now provide UltraSuction dentures.  UltraSuction dentures have been described as the next best thing when dental implants are unsuitable or impractical. This is because of the increased stability provided by UltraSuction dentures compared to normal, conventional dentures.  For more information please contact us.

DuraFlex - A New Flexible Material
We moved to a new flexible material, Myerson Duraflex.  It is virtually as flexible as Valplast and Flexite Plus but comes in more, and arguably better, shades.  Along with all of the normal benefits of flexible dentures  it is also more resistant to scratching, staining and discolorations. It is also possible to add teeth and make various adjustments using the same material, unlike Valplast and Flexite Plus.  Please contact us if you would like further information.

Clear Clasps

Most know we can provide flexible tooth coloured clasps but did you know we can also provide clear clasps?  Made of the same type of material as the tooth coloured clasps the clear clasps can look far more aesthetically pleasing.  For more information please contact us.  

CAD/CAM on the NHS

After the long build up we are finally ready to launch CAD/CAM on the NHS. As far as we are aware we will be doing something unique by providing CAD/CAM restorations on the NHS. This is even more of an achievement as, after thorough testing, we are doing so at our standard prices! This will allow you to provide your patients the highest quality

materials and restorations at no extra cost!!!  Please contact us if you would like further information on saving surgery time and improving the patient experience.

Straumann Approved

We have now achieved Straumann accreditation and are one of their Platinum Approved Laboratories.  If you would like any information about implants or the Straumann system  please contact us.

Denar Facebow Now Available

We have now purchased a Denar Slidematic Facebow with the view to loaning it out for a small fee.

With the increase in private work and the huge benefits of using a facebow this is something that should be considered almost a necessity on at least all larger cases, especially now that there is one freely available for use.

Tooth Shaded Diagnostic Wax-Ups

We have now invested in a set of Creation Wax which allows a reasonably accurate shade to be produced in our diagnostic wax-ups.  So now, along with all of the normal benefits of a diagnostic wax-up, shade can also be resolved at an early stage of the smile design process making it an even more useful communication tool.

Laboratory Newsletter

Our newsletter carries most of our announcements, product releases, special offers etc.  For your reference we publish the newsletters on this site, on the Laboratory News page, in PDF format for easy access and printing.

However, should you wish to receive the newsletters more quickly why don’t you sign up to our mailing list.  Newsletters will then be e-mailed as soon as they are produced to give you the maximum time to take advantage of any offers.  Alternatively we are happy to post newsletters to you.  If you wish to be placed on our mailing list please complete the form.

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