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Crown & Bridge, Prosthetics, Flexible Restorations, Implants, Attachments Natural Dentures, Copy Dentures,

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We operate a delivery / collection service through most of Central England.  For practices outside this area we have a large postal / courier section servicing Surgeons throughout the UK and World-wide.  We have the experience to produce work for any Surgeon, anywhere in the world.


Implant / Attachment Work


Information and pictures from the various Implant systems we have used.

Flexible Dentures / Dental D® system

Tooth coloured clasps, Injection moulded dentures and more.

Chrome Cobalt Work

In-house Chrome department to guarantee quality.

Orthodontic Work


Comprehensive service including digital and PAR scoring service

We are a large full service laboratory with a commitment to producing quality prosthesis throughout.  Each department works closely with each other.  This obviously brings advantages when producing multi-discipline prosthesis such as Attachment and Implant work.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality whether we are producing a Private full mouth reconstruction or a simple NHS denture.  We expect our work to be right first time, every time.

Wherever possible we quote fixed prices for our work, no hidden charges, and are always happy to produce individual price-lists and products to meet your requirements.

Crown & Bridge Work


Quality Crown and Bridge work throughout our range including Implants, Attachments, Zirconia, In-Ceram and Pressable.

Prosthetic Work

High quality NHS up to the ‘Ultimate’ Private prosthesis that includes Natural Dentures and Twice® Copy Dentures.

Natural Dentures Removable Bridges & Clasps Straumann Cares System


DuraFlex Flexible Restorations Implant Restorations