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Prosthetic  Restorations

As with all of our work the prosthetic department produces only work of the highest standard throughout all of the ranges with only high quality, CE marked materials used.  Where possible all partials will be fitted to duplicate models on completion.

Private Dentures are constructed to a very high standard of workmanship.  Included in the cost are Enigma or Natura teeth, special trays, contouring, stippling, processing in High Impact acrylic / Twice® system, a choice of shades of acrylic to match the patient’s own gum and the use of an anatomical articulator when practical.  All Private


prosthetic work comes with A MINIMUM OF A THREE YEAR GUARANTEE which will be extended to match any longer guarantee given by the tooth manufacturer.

Amongst other things we also offer ColorTone® gum shading and the ‘Ultimate’ denture based on the Schottlander/John Besford 'Something To Smile About' system of natural dentures.  We can also provide flexible dentures using the Flexident system, equivalent to Valplast, aesthetic tooth coloured clasps and the Twice® system for producing exact Copy Dentures.  Not to mention Implant and attachment retained dentures.

The Independent standard is the first rung of private work and falls mid-way between


If you would like further information about our Prosthetic work; for example you would like a full price list pack or would like to discuss tailored and volume pricing please click here.


Only quality materials used

Fit, bite and aesthetics checked on duplicate models before dispatch (where possible)

All technicians are qualified, highly trained and skilled


Having the gum work stained can make a huge difference to the appearance of a denture and the confidence of the wearer.  We can use a single colour to improve the general appearance all the way to the full range of colours to exactly mimic the patient’s own gum colouration.   Prices start from as little as £10.00.


Private and NHS.  This standard offers quality dentures at a fixed price.  Included are Natura or other suitable quality Independent teeth, contouring, the use of a functional articulator when required and processing in standard veined acrylic.

Even in our NHS standard work is produced to a high quality.  We use only quality materials and teeth and fit all dentures to duplicate models where possible.  They include the use of Delphic or equivalent anterior teeth and veined acrylic.

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