Crown & Bridge

Our quality Crown & Bridge range include Implants, Attachments, Zirconia, In-Ceram and Pressable.

All of our Crown & Bridge work is carried out to the highest possible standards with only high quality, CE marked materials used. We are also able to offer numerous restoration options based on various implant and attachment systems.

Not only is our Private Crown & Bridge work produced to the highest possible standard with only the finest materials used we also have a number of restorations available to be able to suit any situation. The range includes CAD/CAM, Zirconia, Pressable, and even the good old conventional bonded crown. Prices are, as far as possible, all-inclusive.

However, restorations that use precious metals are now priced ‘plus metal’. This has prompted a move chrome and all-ceramic options. All Private Crown & Bridge work comes with a minimum of a three guarantee.

The Independent standard is the first rung of private work and falls mid-way between Private and NHS. Independent Crown & Bridge work is constructed to a high-quality using private quality, opalescent porcelains and standard metals. We also offer Independent All-Ceramic restorations. Whichever standard of work you require you can be assured of a high-quality restoration.

  • Only quality materials used
  • Fit, contacts and aesthetics checked before dispatch
  • All of our technicians are qualified, trained and highly skilled