Flexible Dentures

Tooth coloured clasps, injection moulded Dentures and more.

Just think of the benefits of a flexible restoration. Softer and more forgiving than conventional acrylic, improved retention with the ability to engage more of the undercuts, clasping that is far kinder to natural teeth, they engage the undercut without the abrasive and wearing aspects of metal clasps. Not to mention that they are aesthetically far more pleasing. Well, you can have all of the above and more.

We have been offering flexible restorations for many years. There are many different systems, with Valplast probably being the best-known trade name. For the past few years, we have been using a combination of Dental D® and the Flexident system including Flexite and Lusterflex.

However, we have now moved our flexible work to the Myerson DuraFlex system.  The system allows us to offer a whole range of flexible restorations from small removable bridges, flexible clasps all the way to complete flexible dentures.

The restorations are flexible because the material is not a normal acrylic but an injection moulded thermoplastic resin. When it comes to dentures, in most instances, the process is exactly the same as for a conventional solution and only differs in the final processing. Solutions such as Removable Bridges are generally done in two visits, impression and fit, so there is greatly reduced surgery time. Aesthetic, tooth coloured clasps can be added to almost any denture and are especially good on a chrome denture.

  • Cosmetically elegant – No metal clasps and can also be combined with natural colour clasps.
  • Metal Free – Monomer Free – Acrylic Free
  • Can be used for patients allergic to conventional acrylic restorations.
  • Lightweight – Strong – Durable
  • Flexible dentures are almost unbreakable and can be made thinner than traditional acrylic dentures, providing more comfort and confidence for the patient.
  • Flexible dentures have just the right degree of flexibility and will not warp or become brittle.
  • Aesthetically pleasing   
  • The material used can provide translucency that blends with the natural tone of tissue for a more natural appearance.