High-quality NHS up to the ‘Ultimate’ Private Prosthesis, includes Natural Dentures and Twice® Copy Dentures.

As with all of our work the Prosthetic department produces only work of the highest standard throughout all of the ranges with only high-quality, CE marked materials used.  Where possible all partials will be fitted to duplicate models on completion.

Private Dentures are constructed to a very high standard of workmanship.  Included in the cost are Enigma or Natura teeth, special trays, contouring, stippling, processing in High Impact Acrylic / Twice® system, a choice of shades of acrylic to match the patient’s own gum and the use of an anatomical articulator when practical.  All Private Prosthetic work comes with a minimum of a three year guarantee, which will be extended to match any longer guarantee given by the tooth manufacturer.

Amongst other things we also offer ColorTone® gum shading and the ‘Ultimate’ denture based on the Schottlander/John Besford ‘Something To Smile About’ system of natural dentures. Also, we provide Flexible Dentures using the Flexident system, equivalent to Valplast, aesthetic tooth coloured clasps and the Twice® system for producing exact Copy Dentures – not to mention Implant and Attachment Retained Dentures.

  • Only quality materials used
  • Fit, bite and aesthetics checked on duplicate models before dispatch
  • All of our technicians are qualified, trained and highly skilled

Even in our NHS standard work is produced to a high-quality. We use only quality materials and teeth and fit all Dentures to duplicate models where possible. They include the use of Delphic or equivalent anterior teeth and veined acrylic.