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Which Crown?

We have many crown & bridge systems available to choose from.  These include All-ceramic, Zirconia, pressable, high fusing, low fusing and conventional bonded restorations and they all offer different benefits.The choice can be bewildering when it comes to getting the best aesthetics as well as choosing the best performing restoration for a given situation.

What we have tried to do is give a brief summary of the merits of each type of restoration.  We have ignored items such as gold crowns because they are strong enough to survive in any situation and the choice of using them is generally a personal or NHS decision.

Zirconia is the new material of choice for all crown and bridge restorations.  It has a similar strength to metal bonded restorations but is aesthetically far superior.  Zirconia also has excellent biocompatibility, gums love Zirconia restorations, and it has none of the adverse thermal characteristics of conventional crowns making for a far superior restoration which is less prone to sensitivity.  inciseTM Zirconia crowns also come with a 10 year written guarantee and we can also supply Straumann Zirconia and other restorations.

There are also a number of other All-Ceramic systems available.  E.Max is possibly the best known and widest used of the systems but there are others such as Vita Mark II and Vita TriLuxe.  They offers an exceptionally high level of aesthetics and can be used for a multiple types of restorations including full crowns, small bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays.

Pressable systems, such as Empress and Authentic, offer accurate fit, low fusing porcelain and are good for veneers and inlays.  They are generally of lower strength than other restorations but they can be pressed to metal for strength.

Alumina based all-ceramic systems such as In-Ceram offer excellent aesthetics but are more limited in use, compared to Zirconia, due to strength.  However, used in the right area they offer a very good and cost effective solution.

Conventional bonded crowns and bridges are ideal for strength.  They are also excellent when the bite is tight and a metal biting surface is required.  Their limitations are generally all aesthetic.

CAD/CAM can be used to produce many of the above restorations.  Doing so would generally mean improved consistency and fit as well as in many cases, especially in bonded work, a purer restoration.

As a general guide use Zirconia if you want the best overall restoration available, offering high strength and aesthetics. All-Ceramic restorations, such as e.max are best for single crowns, veneers, inlays etc. where aesthetics is the prime concern and there are no strength issues.  If strength is the most important consideration then a conventional bonded would be best.



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We can supply you with posters, patient information leaflets and numerous instruction/information pamphlets to help you and your patients to decide which crown.

Please let us know if you would like more information or any of the leaflets.