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Zirconia  Restorations

Zirconia is the new material of choice for all crown and bridge restorations.  It has a similar strength to metal bonded restorations but is aesthetically far superior. Zirconia also has excellent biocompatibility, gums love it, and it has none of the adverse thermal characteristics of conventional crowns making for a far superior restoration which is less prone to sensitivity.

There are now even translucent Zirconia materials available.  We offer the 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Plus so we can provide the restorations with the strength of metal bonded and the aesthetics of e-max  We have two CAD/CAM systems we use for Zirconia. The Straumann® CARES® system Renishaw inciseTM system.  We can provide the whole range of restoration in Zirconoia from single units to implant abutments as well as large span bridges and even Maryland bridges.

Guarantee, We have so much confidence in the Zirconia restorations we provide we give written guarantees of at least five years, even on full arch bridges!

Very few other crown and bridge system offer such a long guarantee, let alone an all-ceramic systems.

Aesthetics.  The most natural looking restoration possible, especially with the new more translucent Zirconia’s allowing uninhibited passage of light just like a natural tooth.

Biocompatibility.  Ceramics are more biocompatible than conventional metal based restorations, and Zirconia is about the most biocompatible restoration available. This virtually eliminates thermal sensitivity and promotes healthier gums.

Durability.  Long-term use coupled with research and testing assures the clinical success of all ceramic restorations.  Zirconia goes one stage further and offers similar strength to metal based restorations and enables all ceramic crowns to be used in any area and over virtually any span.


Full Arch Zirconia Restorations!  We can provide full arch Zirconia restorations both implant or tooth born.  We have even made telescopic retained full arch Zirconia restorstions. For the first time there is no limit to where you can place an all ceramic restoration. The way the Zirconia framework is produced and the resulting strength makes this system ideal for Implant work.  

If you would like more information about any aspect of Zirconia please let us know . We can supply you with posters, patient information leaflets and numerous instruction/information pamphlets to convince you and your patients of the benefits of a Zirconia restoration.


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